ZL1 Addons 2nd & 3rd Gen CTS-V Premium 3" Jack MagPad (01121001)

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ZL1 Addons billet aluminum mag pads for the 2009-2017 2nd and 3rd Gen CTS-V are made to be used with a floor jack with a flat top and lift the car up by the pinch weld. The pads will hold in place while positioning the floor jack or lift by the rare earth magnets. ZL1 Addons installed a nylon bottom insert embedded with the two magnets for high hold strength. The MagPad also has a red "remove before flight" streamer to warn of not leaving the pad on while driving. The MagPad will work on most all cars with a 3 inch pinch weld opening.

MagPuck will extend the bottom of the jack pad, It's not needed if you have a small top on your floor jack or 2/4 post lift.