Tick Performance 5th Gen Camaro SS Stainless Braided Clutch Line (TP5GBL)

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Tick Performance has found a solution for the 5th Gen Camaro SS hydraulic problem with the stock master cylinder inability to flow enough fluid to fully disengage the clutch by creating a stainless braided clutch line. The Tick Performance clutch line connects your master cylinder to your slave cylinder. This line replaces the metal & rubber line, eliminating any chance of fluid being restricted or otherwise tampered with by a hot, expanding rubber section. They also heat wrap their stainless braided line to allow the fluid inside to stay as cool as possible.

This stainless braided clutch line is easy to install without the need to remove the transmission. Installation requires removal of the stock lines, putting on the new stainless lines, and a fresh bleed on your system. With this line installed, your hydraulic system will work as efficiently as the stock master cylinder will allow.