ProCharger 6th Gen Camaro SS Intercooled Tuner Kit Supercharger (1GY202-SCI)

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ProCharger intercooled tuner kit for the 2016-2018 Camaro SS features a patented self-contained oiling design, 4.10:1 step-up ratio for maximum low-rpm boost and power, exclusive billet impellers, and the industry's only billet gearcases for superior rigidity, sealing and appearance.

The standard P-1SC-1 tuner kit comes complete with boost options, 3 core intercooler, 8-rib drive system, ProFlo bypass valve, and is available in various head unit finishes. Head unit upgrades are available to support your power upgrade path.

Tuner Kits

The Tuner Kit is identical to the complete system, but omits fuel injectors and computer programmer.

P1X and D1X

The ProCharger P-1X and D-1X head units feature the robust, self-contained gearcase that is standard on most ProCharger models, but with a new aerodynamic compressor design that creates cooler charge air temperatures and more horsepower at the same boost level than their industry-standard P-1SC-1. This higher efficiency design was engineered to be a bolt-in replacement for P-1SC-1 equipped systems and has even greater max-power potential. The P-1X and D-1X supercharger fit into the same brackets as P-1SC-1 system and is an optional upgrade for those who want increased performance on otherwise stock, modern V8 engines to the tune of 10-15 more flywheel horsepower at the same pulley size (with stock motors running standard boost levels)!

F-1, F-1D and F-1A Superchargers

The ProCharger F-1, F-1D and F-1A superchargers utilize a compact, 9 inch volute and are powerful and highly versatile superchargers that support high-horsepower applications. The patented self-contained oiling design eliminates the need for external oil lines providing years of reliable performance.

ProCharger F-1C and F-1R Superchargers

These two ProCharger superchargers use a slightly larger, 9.75-inch volute for higher airflow and horsepower ratings and retain all the design advantages of the other F-Series models.

Product Features

  • P-1SC-1, P-1X, D-1SC, D-1X, F-1, F-1D, F-1A supercharger options
  • Various head unit finishes
  • Intercooler upgrades
  • Helical gearset for reduced noise level (P-1SC-1 and D-1SC superchargers)
  • Larger air and inlet filter
  • Made in the USA!
  • Free Shipping to the Lower 48!