Halltech C6 Corvette LS2 Venom II w/Beehive Heat Shield (V2026)

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Halltech's C6 Venom II is the direct replacement for the stock LS2 intake box designed with a larger 106.7mm inlet and built in velocity stack for a complete bolt-on installation that will give you 15 RWHP/12 lbs ft torque. This intake is made from the same mold as the Killer Bee II that dynoed +15 HP/+14lbs-ft. The same huge high flow K&N Filter will flow over 1250 cfm, and feeds over 900 HP easily. This system uses the stock wiring, and MAF sensor for direct bolt on power that will not void your warranty.The Halltech Beehive is included in the pricing. This system does not have a CA CARB certificate.