Elite Engineering C6 Corvette 1/4" Aluminum Tunnel Plate (ALC-250)

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This is very similar to Elite's Most Popular ALTA-250 exept it does not include the Thermal Overlay for added heat shielding. At a full 1/4" thick 6061-T6 aluminum, this plate is twice as thick as your stock OEM Tunnel Plate; Coated on all sides with a specially engineered ceramic coated. This is the a great choice to offer both chassis stiffening and moderate heat shielding to reduce the amount of heat transfer from the exhaust.

Since its release, the redesigned Tunnel Reinforcement Plate has been one of the hottest suspension mods for the C5 and C6 Corvette. In addition, Elite's ceramic coating adds another benefit by offering some heat shielding from your exhaust system.

The engineers at General Motors acknowledged the benefits of a stiffer more rigid Tunnel Reinforcement Plate and improved their original design and incorporated something similar into the new C6. Elite took their design one step further!

Elite has re-engineered the undercarriage tunnel plate on the C5 and C6 with strength and performance in mind. CAD designed and computer precision cut, our 1/4" thick (6061-T6 Aluminum) Abs-of-Aluminum Tunnel Reinforcement Plate is twice the thickness of the stock OEM plate. The benefits of this added thickness is a much more rigid and stiffer tunnel plate. Therefore reducing the amount of flex in the chassis and improving the overall functionality of the Corvette suspension.

In addition to improved stiffening, another major advantage of Elite's Tunnel Reinforcement plate is the heat shielding it offers. All of Elite's Tunnel Plates are coated on all sides with a specially engineered Ceramic Coating to reduce the amount of heat transfer from the exhaust into the interior console. For more heat shielding, check out Elite's ALTA-250

Check out the images comparing the stock OEM C5 and C6 tunnel plates to Elite's most popular 1/4" thick aluminum version.

Product Features

  • Rigidly ties the right and left inner chassis rails together
  • (2x) Access holes for o2 sensor wires
  • A must for Coupes and Convertibles!
  • Direct, bolt-on replacement
  • Greater sense of control behind the wheel when cornering
  • Reduced squeaks, creaks and noises while driving
  • Significantly decreases the heat transferred to the interior console
  • Sound deadening qualities
  • Includes Free Shipping to the Lower 48!