ProCharger 6th Gen Camaro SS Stage II Intercooled Supercharger (1GY312-SCI)

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ProCharger supercharger for the 2016-2017 Camaro SS features a patented self-contained oiling design, 4.10:1 step-up ratio for maximum low-rpm boost and power, exclusive billet impellers, and the industry's only billet gearcases for superior rigidity, sealing and appearance.

The standard P-1SC-1 kit comes complete with a 6.5 psi boost option, race intercooler, 8-rib drive system, 65 lb/hr fuel injectors, ProFlo bypass valve, SCT supplied programmer, and is available in various head unit finishes. This system offers up to 50% horsepower gains on pump gas and can add 170+ or more horsepower to an otherwise stock Camaro SS. Head unit upgrades are available to support your power upgrade path when purchasing a ProCharger intercooled tuner kit.


The ProCharger P-1X head unit feature the robust, self-contained gearcase that is standard on most ProCharger models, but with a new aerodynamic compressor design that creates cooler charge air temperatures and more horsepower at the same boost level than their industry-standard P-1SC-1. This higher efficiency design was engineered to be a bolt-in replacement for P-1SC-1 equipped systems and has even greater max-power potential. The P-1X supercharger fits into the same brackets as P-1SC-1 system and is an optional upgrade for those who want increased performance on otherwise stock, modern V8 engines to the tune of 10-15 more flywheel horsepower at the same pulley size (with stock motors running standard boost levels)!

Product Features

  • P-1SC-1 or P-1X supercharger option
  • Various head unit finishes
  • High horsepower intercoolers
  • Includes fuel injectors
  • Includes programmer
  • Helical gearset for reduced noise level (P-1SC-1 and D-1SC superchargers)
  • Larger air and inlet filter
  • Made in the USA!
  • Free Shipping to the Lower 48!