BTR LS7 Stage IV NA Camshaft (34758123)

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Brian Tooley Racing naturally aspirated stage IV cam features a very wide power range and excellent mid-range torque for the naturally aspirated LS7 engines. This camshaft is very aggressive and should only be used on maximum effort combinations.

This camshaft was designed with 28 degrees of overlap. It has an aggressive idle and makes great top end power at the sacrifice of some low end torque. This cam has made 600+ RWHP in a few setups. Cam specs are 246/254 .652"/.630" 111+2 and comes a 3 bolt timing gear pattern.

Note: Dual valve spring and retainer package is required with this camshaft. We also suggest 1-piece hardened pushrods along with the COMP Cams 13702-KIT Trunnion upgrade kit. JDP Motorsports recommends degreeing the camshaft and checking piston to valve clearance when installing any aftermarket camshaft.

Camshaft Specifications

  • Naturally aspirated LS7 applications
  • 2000-7000 RPM range
  • 246 intake/254 exhaust duration @ .050"
  • .652 intake/.630 exhaust valve lift w/ 1.7 rocker
  • 111+2 degree lobe separation angle
  • Tuning is required
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Note: Due to the longer pivot length and longer scroll of the LS7 rocker arms up to .660" lift can be used without valve tip damage. We recommend maximum open spring pressure of 430 lbs.